Over the past 4 years, the Taurus principals were hired by industry leading water midstream co's including Hillstone Environmental, Matador Resources, San Mateo Midstream, Lagoon Water Solutions, PetroLegacy and many more, to help design and build their high-volume, fully-automated water assets and infrastructure. Our management team has completed the design and construction of more than 1 Million barrels per day of disposal capacity. The total value of our prior construction projects is in excess of $100 Million in contracts awarded. Management has completed projects in nearly every shale basin including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and North Dakota. 


The Taurus team is now strictly focusing on acquiring and developing our own water assets and infrastructure. Taurus has a proven track record of creating significant value and maintains an excellent reputation for delivering innovative products and high-quality services to U.S. producers. Taurus is rapidly growing in spite of market conditions and believes now is the time to buy and build in preparation for the future. We have survived multiple downcycles and remain firmly positioned within our industry and highly capable of weathering the storm. E&P companies are looking to save money now more than ever before and Taurus provides producers with significant cost-savings thanks to our patented technology.

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